Released in January 2018, this is a collection of original music by Gloria Justen for either solo viola or solo cello.  

The Suite is grounded in accessible tonal language, yet it also explores many harmonies and tone colors. The music is influenced by J. S. Bach and Zoltan Kodály. The piece is written for the alternate tuning of A-D-F#-B, same as the tuning for Kodály’s Sonata for Solo Cello.  Read more about the piece and hear samples here.

There are two parts in the score because the top line is the "sounding pitch" part, the bottom line is the "fingering" part. Score comes with individual parts so you can just look at the one you prefer. 

The score is archivally printed on substantial 80 lb text paper, and the composer's design includes hinged foldout pages so that there are no page turns in the parts for the solo performer.  

Or, if you prefer a digital copy for reading on a computer or tablet, the digital download version is in PDF format.  Upon purchase you will receive a download link.

The Suite has 4 movements and is a total of 29-30 minutes long.  The movements may also be played separately.